Loyalty Card App

Loyalty app QR code

We only exist because of you, the customer and as a thank you for buying our smoked trout products, either for the first time or if you’re a regular, we would like to thank you.

We have partnered with the digital loyalty app Yollty. Yollty does away with the need for a physical loyalty card (which could get lost) and rubber stamps. It’s exactly the same process but done with the Yollty app on your phone.

Download the app, scan the QR code to receive your first stamp. Then when you come and see us on the stall and buy one of our delicious smoked trout products, present your phone with the Yollty app open to Richard and Beth and they will present a QR Code for you to scan. That’s it! Get a stamp at each purchase.. Once you have ten stamps, you will receive a free pot of smoked trout pate of your choice.

Instructions for download

Go to your favoured App Store. Yollty is available on Apple App Store and Google Play.

Type in Yollty into the search box and hit enter.

Locate the Yollty app and click on install. Please DO NOT download the Yollty for Business app (that’s for us to give stamps).

Once downloaded, open the app on your phone.

Decide on whether you would like to receive notifications from Yollty. We recommend yes to keep up to date on any new offers from us here at Butler Country Estates.

You will then be taken through three steps introducing you to how that app works. You can either swipe left through the steps, then hit done or skip.  

Go to the profile icon in the bottom right-hand corner and click.

Choose how you would like to sign in to the app. The following are available: Gmail, Facebook, Email or Apple.

Once signed in, you’re ready to scan your first QR Code. Click on the pink scan icon in the bottom centre of the screen.

Click OK so Yollty can access the camera on your phone.

Scan your first code! To receive your first free stamp, scan the code here on left or the code on the leaflet picked up from our stall.

Then next time you visit us on the stall and buy something, open up your app, click on the pink scan icon, and Richard or Beth will create a code for you to scan.