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Butler Country Estates

Premium smoked trout pate, fillets and whole fish

Award-winning, freshly made smoked trout products. Produced from rainbow trout raised in the crystal clear waters of the Hampshire Rivers Itchen, Meon and Test

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Smoked trout from the heart of Hampshire

Our smoked trout pate, whole fish and fillets are for food and gourmet lovers devoted to seeking out new tastes, flavours and aromas.

Butler Country Estates makes delicious smoked trout pate and fillets in the historic city of Winchester, in the heart of Hampshire. Our smokery lies within a few minutes of the River Test, Itchen and Meon, which are some of the finest nutrient-rich chalk streams in the world.

We use rainbow trout raised in Hampshire’s gin-clear crystal waters for our smoked trout pate, whole fish and fillets. Being so close to our smokery ensures a freshness which is exquisitely reflected in the taste of our pates and fillets. So much so that in 2020, we were awarded a Great Taste Star by The Guild of Fine Food, followed up with Two Stars in 2022 and a further Two Stars in 2023.

Learn more about Butler Country Estates.

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butler country estates smoked trout at a farmers market
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Popular Smoked trout products

Our most popular products or those on special offer are listed here. If you do not see the smoked trout product you desire, head on over to our fully stocked smoked trout shop.

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The Troutlet

Buy Smoked Trout and Fresh Trout at Our Troutlet shop in Winchester

We are excited to announce the opening of our own “Troutlet” at our Winnall smokery in Winchester. If you love our delicious trout pate and fillets, you can now buy them directly from us and enjoy them at home.

As well as selling our smoked trout online and at local farmers' markets, we now have a shop in Winchester where you can buy all of your favourites, including our award-winning smoked trout pates. We will also sell fresh and smoked trout as whole fish and fillets.

Learn more about the The Troutlet.

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The Troutlet, buy trout and smoked trout in Winchester
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Buy Smoked Trout At A Market Near You

Every week we bring our delicious smoked trout products to a farmers market near you.

You can find us every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at a market in Hampshire, Surrey or West Sussex either a town market, Farmers’ Market or one of the many Food Festivals held in the South. You can find out by checking out our events calendar, so come on down, say hello and try a free taster of our smoked trout pate.

We bring a great selection of our smoked trout products to each market. We typically sell out everywhere we go, but you can guarantee your selection by pre-ordering with our click-and-collect service. Just select the market you would like to collect from during checkout.

Learn more about the markets that we attend.

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smoked trout for sale at a farmers market
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Supplying Smoked Trout To The Catering Industry

We supply smoked trout to many of the finest dining establishments

Today’s consumers are better educated, people are more demanding about how they spend their money wisely, and they are looking for quality food experiences. Butler Country Estates was born as a response to this demand.

We supply our smoked trout products to many of the finest dining establishments around. If you want to supply the best produce to your customers, look no further than Butler Country Estates for your smoked trout.

Learn more about our smoked trout supplies for the catering industry.

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smoked trout in a restaurant sm
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5 Star Reviews from Our Customers

Our customers love our smoked trout. Read their testimonials and feel free to write a review yourself.
Peter Summers
18th January 2023

The whole smoked trout and the smoked trout fillets are the very best that I have tasted. They are characterised by a rich oiliness and delicious apple-y smokiness.

Douglas R
Douglas R
7th October 2021

At the recent Haslemere country market my wife bought your trout pate as a surprise treat for me. It was a very pleasant surprise and I am compelled to message you to congratulate and complement you on what are outstandingly delicious produce. Well done. I am eager for your next visit to Haslemere so I may again enjoy such a delight. Thank you.

Sue Langridge
Sue Langridge
9th July 2021

Has the BEST trout pate . Such an interesting man to chat to hearing how it all started.

Sarah P
Sarah P
7th May 2021

We tried this last night - gorgeous paté - really clean and fresh tasting - and local! Give it a try - good on Melba Toast or a slice of toasted soar dough and a squeeze of lemon. Now going to think of more ways to enjoy!

Christopher Lewis
29th January 2021

I am a true admirer and fan of Butler Estates who's products never fail to delight. If your thinking of buying any of their delicious food products then I can only recommend that you don't hesitate another second, just press that button and buy.

Steve Carter
Steve Carter
15th January 2021

What a find ! walking through Winchester this morning I happened to come across Richard Butler, having seen his product a few weeks ago, but at the time I was in a rush so never popped over, what an error.

Samantha Cutcliffe
Samantha Cutcliffe
23rd October 2020

Beautiful smoked trout pate! What a find at Sunnyfields Monthly market. We’ll be seeking out some more very soon as it’s delicious and we can’t wait to share it with friends and family.

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Butler Country Estates on Social Media

Butler Country Estates is active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You'll find details of all our upcoming events as well as news and behind the scene looks in to our operations. Do subscribe to our feeds, or you can view our latest posts below.

Good morning! We will be at Petworth Farmers' Market this morning! Come say hello and grab some delicious smoked trout products today! Can't make it today? Our products are available for purchase both online and at The Trout in Winchester! Visit us every Thursday and Friday from 12-4 pm to get your hands on our wonderful trout products! You can find all the details on our website at butler-country-estates.co.uk 🎣💚⭐️🐟 #hampshiretrout #freshtrout #smokedtroutpate #freshsmokedtroutpate #smokedfish #smallbusiness #supportlocal #buylocal #localproduce #food #instafood #foodie #delicious #foodlover #foodproducers #farmersmarket #greattaste #hampshire #hampshirefarmers #hampshirefarmersmarket #petworth


Today is National Cook a Sweet Potato Day! Here is a recipe by - goodhousekeeping.com to go perfectly with today! If you give this recipe a try, we would love to see how it turns out! Don't forget to tag us! Discover more trout recipes, including this one! Visit our website and explore the recipes page at butler-country-estates.co.uk for a variety of delicious trout meals. 🍠🐟🍛🍴 #hampshiretrout #freshtrout #smokedtroutpate #freshsmokedtroutpate #smokedfish #smallbusiness #supportlocal #buylocal #localproduce #localmarket #food #foodie #delicious #foodlover #foodproducers #farmersmarket #troutrecipe #troutrecipes #troutfood


Catch us this weekend and grab yourself delicious smoked trout at 2 wonderful markets! Saturday ⭐️ Petworth Farmers' Market 09:00-13:00 - Sunday ⭐️ Farnham Farmers' Market 10:00-13:30 See you this weekend!! 💚⭐️🐟🎣 #hampshiretrout #freshtrout #smokedtroutpate #freshsmokedtroutpate #smokedfish #smallbusiness #supportlocal #buylocal #localproduce


Good morning! You can catch us at 2 markets today with Hampshire Farmers' Markets and South West Surrey Farmers Market Come say hello and grab some mouth-watering smoked trout products! Milford Farmers' Market 10:00-13:30 - Southsea Farmers' Market 10:00-14.00 Can't make it today? No worries at all! You can grab our trout products online or swing by The Troutet in Winchester every Thursday and Friday from 12 pm to 4 pm. Get more information on our website at butler-country-estates.co.uk. We can't wait to see you this weekend!! 💚⭐️🐟🎣 #freshtrout #smokedtroutpate #smokedfish #smallbusiness #supportlocal #buylocal #localproduce #foodproducers #farmersmarket #greattaste #hampshire #hampshirefarmers #hampshirefarmersmarket #schedule #weekend #milford


This Saturday morning, you will be able to find us at Emsworth Hampshire Farmers' Market from 9:00 to 13:00. Enjoy your weekend with some delicious smoked trout pate and crackers!🤤 Can't make it today? Our products are available for purchase both online and at The Troutet in Winchester! Visit us every Thursday and Friday from 12-4 pm to get your hands on our wonderful trout products! You can find all the details on our website at butler-country-estates.co.uk 🎣💚⭐️🐟 #butlercountryestates #hampshiretrout #freshtrout #smokedtroutpate #freshsmokedtroutpate #smokedfish #smallbusiness #supportlocal #buylocal #localproduce #foodproducers #farmersmarket #awardwinner #awardwinning #emsworth


We are at Odiham Market this Friday morning with plenty of fresh trout for you! Come see us between 08:30AM-12:30PM! Can't make a market this weekend? You can buy our products online! Please visit our shop for more details. butler-country-estates.co.uk 🎣💚⭐️🐟 #hampshiretrout #freshtrout #smokedtroutpate #freshsmokedtroutpate #smokedfish #smallbusiness #supportlocal #buylocal #localproduce #foodproducers #farmersmarket #greattaste #hampshire #hampshirefarmers #hampshirefarmersmarket #odiham #odihampeople


Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️💚 Whisk your Valentine off their feet with a taste of love and smoked trout delights by visiting our website's recipes page for irresistible meal ideas that'll have your date begging for seconds! And don't miss out on our blog, 'Around The World With Smoked Trout – International Dishes For Valentine’s Day,' where you'll discover even more ways to add a dash of passion to your culinary adventures. 🍲🥂🍴🐟💚 #hampshiretrout #freshtrout #smokedtroutpate #freshsmokedtroutpate #smokedfish #smallbusiness #supportlocal #buylocal #localproduce #foodproducers #farmersmarket #awardwinner #awardwinning #valentine #valentinesmeal #valentinesdate


See you all there on Sunday. We have something new for you all to taste….. All will be revealed 💚🐟🎣⭐️⭐️


We have a busy week coming up! You can catch us at 4 amazing farmers' markets. Stop by to enjoy some tasty smoked trout treats and support local producers! Friday ⭐️ Odiham Town Market 8:30 am – 12:30 pm - Saturday ⭐️ Emsworth Farmers' Market 10:00-14:00 - Sunday ⭐️ Milford Farmers' Market 10:00-13:30 Southsea Farmers' Market 10:00-14:00 We're looking forward to seeing you this upcoming weekend! 💚⭐️🐟🎣 #hampshiretrout #freshtrout #smokedtroutpate #freshsmokedtroutpate #smokedfish #smallbusiness #supportlocal #buylocal #localproduce #farmersmarket #awardwinner #awardwinning #odiham #emsworth #emsworthmarket #emsworthfarmersmarket #milford #milfordmarket #southsea #southseamarket


Our furry friend couldn't resist the trout market stall adventure! Turns out, it's not just us humans who are hooked! 🎣🐕💚 #hampshiretrout #freshtrout #smokedtroutpate #freshsmokedtroutpate #smokedfish #smallbusiness #supportlocal #buylocal #localproduce


Good Morning! Join us at Alton Farmer’s Market today between 10:00 am – 2:00 pm! Unable to attend today? Find our products online or at The Troutet in Winchester! Visit us Thursdays and Fridays, 12-4 pm. Details at butler-country-estates.co.uk 🎣💚⭐️🐟 #hampshiretrout #freshtrout #smokedtroutpate #freshsmokedtroutpate #smokedfish #smallbusiness #supportlocal #buylocal #localproduce #food #instafood #foodie #delicious #foodlover #foodproducers #farmersmarket #awardwinner #awardwinning #alton


Indulge in love from around the globe this Valentine's Day! 🌍💕 Explore international flavours with our latest blog post: 'Around The World With Smoked Trout'. Dive into a culinary adventure and spice up your celebrations! And guess what? Our Smoked Trout Bundle is back for this month's special occasion! Treat yourself to a fantastic deal and elevate your culinary experience this Valentine's season. Also... Get 10% off everything in your basket if you place an order before February 15th. Use code valentine10 at checkout! Visit butler-country-estates.co.uk for more information! 💚🥂🍴🐟 #hampshiretrout #freshtrout #smokedtroutpate #freshsmokedtroutpate #smokedfish #smallbusiness #supportlocal #buylocal #localproduce #foodproducers #farmersmarket #awardwinner #awardwinning #valentine #valentineday

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