About us & what we do

Butler Country Estates lies in the heart of Hampshire just a few minutes from the Rivers Test, Itchen and Meon.

We use rainbow trout caught here in Hampshire’s world-renowned nutrient-rich rivers.

Our smokery lies in the heart of Hampshire based in Winchester, a few minutes from the River Test, Itchen and Meon which are three of the world’s finest nutrient-rich chalk streams. Being so close ensures our fish is prepared for smoking within 24 hours of being caught.

In the words of the fine British angling writer and devotee Charles Rangeley-Wilson, “these chalk streams are constant, equable, cool, fertile.” If the Test is the long-reigning King of English chalk streams, the Itchen is the Queen, and the Meon, the Princess.

Butler Country Estates uses rainbow trout caught here in Hampshire's rivers.

Freshly caught Hampshire trout: cured, smoked and prepared in Winchester.

Our smokery serves local customers and restaurants with some of the finest gourmet smoked trout pate that you will ever have the pleasure and privilege to enjoy. You can often measure a business by the customers who come back for more – or who tell their friends.

Over the last few years, we have built up a dedicated base of customers here in Hampshire, and beyond. Not only that, our list of commercial partners continues to grow with our smoked trout products now available in village shops, bakeries, butchers and farm shops.

Butler Country Estates owner and passionate fly fisherman, Richard Butler.

Richard Butler is a passionate fly fisherman and entrepreneur; a lover of fine foods, and the man behind the Butler Country Estates vision.

Richard’s interest and idea for Butler Country Estates was brought to life when some friends were having a dinner party, and Richard offered them some of his homemade, freshly caught smoked trout pate. He was a little taken aback when a few days later, people that had been at the dinner party started calling and asking if they could have some too. The rest, as they say, is history, and Butler Country Estates was born.

Smoked Trout Pate by Butler Country Estates

Bringing together the traditional and the contemporary to create something delectable and quintessentially British.

Our culinary processes involve mixing the very best traditions and knowledge of the Edwardian era, with the contemporary. The result is something quite extraordinary and exquisite. Our smoked trout pate is richly indulgent, creamy, and chunky and comes in six different varieties: classic, watercress, dill, chives and chilli as well as our new dairy-free option. Richard hopes you will enjoy the food as much as he, his family and his friends do.

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