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Award winning Smoked Trout

We're extremely proud that The Guild of Fine Food has awarded our smoked trout products with their prestigious Great Taste stars. Read what the judges said, and then why not try for yourselves?

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great taste 2022 2 stars
great taste awards 2022 1 star transparent
great taste producer award
great taste 2023 2 star award
Beetroot & Horseradish smoked trout pate
great taste 2023 2 star award

Smoked Trout Pate with Beetroot & Horseradish

Great Taste 2023, 2 Stars

This is delightful and we don't think we can improve upon it! Light and fresh, with a divinely clean flavour. The notes of smoke are perfect, the earthy beetroot light and sweet, the horseradish is so very well thought through. Not at all astringent and nasal clearing, it is hanging around on the sidelines doing it's earthy, warm-hued thing! The trout isn't over worked or grainy –- you haven't processed this and it shows. We think it is utterly delicious.

This is a great looking pate with an excellent texture for good mouthfeel. The flavour of this pate is very well judged, with the delicate smoked trout coming through and being enhanced by the sweetness of the beetroot and the spicy horseradiish. This is a very tasty classic trout pate which would keep you going back for more – bring on the fresh sourdough bread.

A lovely enticing colour with a deliciously soft and light texture. The smoke aspect was pleasantly light and well integrated, which allowed some of the other flavours to come through. However, we would have liked more horseradish and beetroot to have a greater presence.

We loved the idea of this trout pate and thought it had an appealingly healthy pale pink colour. The addition of sweet, vinegary, earthy beetroot and horseradish chutney is interesting and appealing, although we would have loved a little more heat from the radish. The texture of the trout is little dry and feels separate from the soft light texture of the rest of the pate. We felt there were some great flavours in there, but wanted more earthy fish flavour from the trout and felt it needed a little more fat - either from butter or cream cheese/cream, to hep unify all the flavours. T this is a tasty pate and we think this innovative product has huge potential.
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award winning smoked trout pate with dill
great taste 2022 2 stars

Smoked Trout Pate with Dill

Great Taste 2022, 2 Stars

A pale pink coloured soft terrine with attractive pieces of dill evenly distributed throughout. Delicate sweet fish notes on the nose, which are followed through into the flavour. The fish is complemented by the well balanced levels of dill and with the gentle smoke coming through at the end. The judges enjoyed tasting this product.

An attractive smooth glossy pate which has a simple clean delicate flavour of the cured smoked trout. The dill is at the right level together with the smoke from apple and hickory. Simply delicious and extremely well executed.

An attractive pate with some very pretty flecks of dill, entwining the clean tasting trout. You can tell it's fresh and well prepared. The smoke has been judged well and doesn't overpower the fish or indeed the herbaceous notes from the dill. The dill is indeed lemony fresh with its integral gentle aniseed and is harmonious in its execution within the pate. Wonderful.
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award winning smoked trout fillets
great taste awards 2022 1 star transparent

Hampshire Smoked Trout Fillet

Great Taste 2022, 1 Star

A pleasing, golden brown hue this hot-smoked trout looks moist and succulent. There is a lightly smoked aroma on the nose and on the palate the texture is moist and flaky and the gentle smoke melds with apple and hickory notes which come through well. There is a gentle sweetness to balance the smoke. The flavours are well-balanced and this is indeed a succulent mouthful.

Fantastic looking trout with excellent colour, the aroma gives a very well balanced clean smoke with the gentle trout coming through. The texture is excellent, moist and succulent. This is a very well judged piece of fish - the flavour is so well judged with all the different elements working in harmony, the fish is tasty the smoke and seasoning is adding a very enjoyable further dimension well done.
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award winning smoked trout pate

Hampshire Smoked Trout Pate

Great Taste 2020, 1 Star

Natural looking pate with a dark pinkish colour, and a lively lightly smoked pleasantly fishy aroma. Clean, fresh and initially cleverly rich in the mouth thanks to the mayo andfattiness of the trout this was mostly a well balanced pate. It could, however, have had a little more richness from cream or butter and less harsh acidity from the combination of mayo and lemon juice to make it even more luxurious. The texture was moist and there was a generous amount of fleshy bits of trout in there. Good fruity gentle smoke and perfect levels of salt that made this very easy to eat! There could be more of a presence from the horseradish to add more heat/ spice and excitement and help cut through the richness.

Attractive pale pink colour with good, thick consistency. The fish was firm and meaty and the trout flavour shone through the smoke and ingredients. Comfortable level of smoke, enhancing rather than disguising the trout and the hint of acidity from the lemon brought a further layer to the complexity. We presumed creamed horseradish was used as it subtly made its presence felt without adding any unwanted heat or rawness. This was clever, good texture, great flavours with a gentle but complex finish.

A pretty delicate pink coloured smoked trout pate with lots of promise. This pate had a delicious, inviting, smoky salmon aroma. The trout flakes were plentiful, soft, moist and meaty providing a pleasant coarseness to the texture. There was a lovely sweetness to the smoke, which followed through on the flavour. A very fresh, creamy tasty pate, with all ingredients to working in unison.
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